The add-on technologies that EOH Applications provide include e.APPS, which is a brand name created by EOH Applications. e.APPS products are utilities that have been developed in-house, by EOH Applications’ own SYSPRO developers. e.APPS includes more than 70 solutions that have been developed, tested and implemented successfully for numerous clients over the years.

All solutions have the objective of increasing the performance of existing SYSPRO modules. These solutions have been developed in such a way that other companies requiring the same add-ons are able to implement them, provided that they meet the minimum software requirements.


The e.APPS Product Range includes:


The e.Bus range contains business tools to enhance the existing SYSPRO functionality with regards to Global Price Updates, Purchase Order Imports, Managed Stock Allocation, etc.


The e.Reps range contains developed reports catering for various management information needs which include Accounts Payable Aged Creditors, Cash Flow Statements, Inventory Schedule, Comparative Sales, etc.


The e.Flow range contains automated processes which enhance the existing SYSPRO modules for example Purchase Order Requisition Approval, General Ledger Journal Approval, Landed Cost Tracking, etc.

SYSPRO App Store

The SYSPRO App Store is SYSPRO's on-line marketplace. Any SYSPRO user around the globe can easily browse, access and purchase add-on solutions there. Our e.APPS products are easily identifiable on the SYSPRO App Store, by the unique red, circular logo.

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