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EOH Applications is the largest reseller of SYSPRO in Southern Africa, with 25 years of experience with SYSPRO and knowledge of ERP systems. EOH Applications’ consultants partner with clients to define their needs, understand the benefits of an ERP and provide leadership and advice with the selection of an ERP, its deployment and subsequent operation. We place utmost importance on understanding your business both operationally and strategically to ensure that the design and configuration acts as an enabler to your business.

Why We Believe in ERP:

  • All the information of an organization is in one place, for example manufacturing, sales management, accounting, financial management, distribution and human resources.
  • The data from all departments is stored in a common database and is accessible by all relevant users.
  • Managers are able to extract a snapshot of the whole business, any business process, or even a single transaction.
SYSPRO Partner

Formed in 1978, SYSPRO was one of the first software vendors to develop an ERP solution. Today, SYSPRO is a global company, represented on six continents and by more than 1500 channel and support partners, EOH Applications being one of them. EOH Applications is the largest reseller of SYSPRO software in Southern Africa.

ERP enables companies to plan their resources sufficiently and use them more effectively. An ERP solution, like SYSPRO, is a software product developed to connect and synchronize all of the different departments and activities of an enterprise.


  1. Single source solution that encompasses all your business needs
  2. Fully-integrated business software with more than 45 business modules
  3. Over 30 years’ experience
  4. SYSPRO is an internationally-recognised, leading provider of enterprise business solutions

SYSPRO’s development methodology uses the modular approach. The modules are built around core solutions – Financial, Distribution / Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Enterprise Reporting and Business Process Modelling.

Because of SYSPRO’s modular approach, companies can define how best to use SYSPRO technology to meet their exact requirements, and licence only those components they need. View the SYSPRO Core Solutions Diagram


The latest version of SYSPRO provides increased functionality and includes:

  • Increased field sizes & transaction volumes (very significant release)
  • Mobile applications (Espresso)
  • Structured addresses
  • Improved custom forms (separate set per data type)
  • Improved reporting performance (faster response times)
  • Enhanced user interface, including process flow menu presentation

SYSPRO 7 Overview PDF     SYSPRO 7 Video


EOH Applications’ business and technical consultants will advise you on how and when to embark on an upgrade.

We can offer you:

  • A review of your current usage of SYSPRO - and areas for improvement,
  • Additional customisations of your current SYSPRO system and
  • Training related to SYSPRO Administration, all the SYSPRO modules, as well as Executive Training

For more information visit www.syspro.com

SYSPRO Point of Sale (POS)

SYSPRO’s POS seamlessly integrates with SYSPRO ERP, providing you with real-time information about stock levels, sales and customer balances, etc. This complements SYSPRO’s manufacturing, distribution and financial modules for one streamlined solution within retail.



Application Managed Services

The Applications Managed Services (AMS) team ensures that the maintenance and support of SYSPRO systems and their underlying technical infrastructure are kept at optimal levels, 24 hours per day. AMS assists with addressing corporate governance, cost reduction and on-going maintenance that can eliminate potential downtime and assist with disaster recovery.

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“The customisation of standard SYSPRO has allowed Atlantis Foundries to comply with some very strict corporate   governance requirements. The manner in which this was performed by EOH, allowed us to meet those requirements   efficiently and also improve the user experience as well.”

Dave Simpson, I.T. Administrator,

Atlantis Foundries (Pty) Ltd.


Lasec logo

Success Story: Lasec

“The longer field lengths makes cross referencing easier. You can put PO and GRN numbers all in the same line.  The support received from the EOH Applications Consultants was good. They were very helpful and with us all the way.”

Michelle Anker, Financial Controller, Lasec


   SYSPRO 7 Product Brochure

SYSPRO Product Brochure

View the latest SYSPRO Product Brochure here


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SYSPRO Process Modelling (SPM) provides the tools to match your business processes to SYSPRO, a connecting layer between the flow of the business and the areas that will be affected, within SYSPRO.


SYSPRO Process Modelling



Our Cape Town office offers 3 categories of training:

  • Courses for users of SYSPRO, which includes all of the SYSPRO modules.
  • Courses for executives and managers who require a high level understanding of SYSPRO.
  • Education seminars which provide a generic understanding of best practice methodologies.

Course Portfolio