The Applications Managed Services (AMS) team ensures that the maintenance and support of systems and their underlying technical infrastructure are kept at optimal levels, 24 hours per day. AMS assists with addressing corporate governance, cost reduction and on-going maintenance that can eliminate potential downtime and assist with disaster recovery.

Applications Managed Services

 Applications Managed Services include:

  • Provide SYSPRO maintenance at a fixed cost.
  • Automated completion of day to day maintenance tasks to ensure up-to-date system maintenance.
  • Recommendations to improve overall stability and performance from an operational point of view.
  • Extensive pro-active tasks across the SYSPRO and SQL environments to reduce the risk of potential system downtime or degradation in accordance with SYSPRO requirements.
  • Pro-active monitoring across the environment including 3rd party software to ensure real time alerts of potential issues.
  • Providing an early warning system to ensure issues are addressed before they impact the environment or users.
  • Automated self-healing to ensure constant stability and system optimization.
  • Direct access to a team of professionals in key areas dedicated to servicing our contractual customers. These areas include:
    • SQL
    • SYSPRO Certified Technical Specialists
    • SYSPRO Modular Certified Specialists
    • Technical Experts
  • Automated Reporting providing continuous insight into the stability and performance of your environment. Allowing clients to still have ownership of their SYSPRO environments.
  • Unlimited support to end users.
  • Guidance for Disaster Recovery and Back Up solutions; Networking and Hosting solutions.
  • Utilising internationally recognised tools to deliver the service ensures the adherence to corporate governance and risk management aligned to best practice within the ERP world.
  • Direct access to a larger pool of specialists within the EOH Group.

EOH Application Managed Services currently manage:

  • 65 Clients
  • 160 Servers
  • 52 SQL Servers (full monitoring & maintenance)
  • 1 119 databases
    • 268 = Business Critical
  • 5 535 Monitor Sets
  • 22 500 Daily Backups

Applications Managed Services

If you’d like to:

  • Reduce or control Operating Expenses
  • Increase availability of Capital Funds
  • Increase Internal Resources
  • Solve Problematic Functions
  • Improve Your Business Focus
  • Access Superior Technology
  • Accelerate Your Reengineering Efforts
  • Reduce the risk of Data Loss
  • Redirect Your Resources
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Improve Vender Relationships
  • Avoid Extensive Capital Outlay

We are able to assist our clients both remotely and on-site. Clients can call through to the Service Desk for any SYSPRO guidance and support.

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  • We have one of the largest AMS customer bases in the world 75+

  • 98% customer retention

  • AMS operates in 3rd party, SQL, SYSPRO and Windows environments
  • AMS for SYSPRO currently manage…

    • A total of 1,119 SQL databases, some of which are not SYSPRO related; with 268 of these being business critical databases.
    • 22, 500 backups run daily, over a range of 60 clients including fifteen minute transaction log backups.
    • Monitoring 160 servers of which 52 are SQL servers.
    • 5,535 monitor sets currently deployed and live in our client environments


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“You can click on the ‘What next?’ button when you see something in red. You’ll then be able to read what the problem is about and what you need to do next for e.g. Escalate to System Administrator or EOH Applications”  Meghan Honing, Financial Manager, Rialto Foods

Cloud Backup

EOH’s Cloud Backup solution is the game- changer in these respects. Our clients benefit directly from the value-add of remote data retention and recovery services delivered through the EOH Cloud Services.

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