There is a growing need for technology that can link not only suppliers and manufacturers but closer to home, sales people, shop floor operators, warehousing staff and even delivery persons to our internal business systems.

By ignoring newer tools and technologies we place ourselves at risk of falling behind our competition; Improving our supply chain and specifically product handling methods is of utmost importance, and is a core contributor to the success of any modern day organisation.

Organisations adamant on holding onto legacy methods and struggling to migrate from older paper based business processes are finding themselves left far behind in an economy shaped by speed, adaptability and above all efficiency. EOH Applications supply chain services exists to bridge the information gap between the factory shop floor, Warehouse Operations, delivery personnel and more. Our service offering is non-product specific allowing for the provision of the right tools, process design and software’s to match your requirement and budget.

Our areas of expertise are as follows :

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Supply Chain Services views Inventory Management as the implementation of best practice procedures coupled with the use of mobile technologies to automate and integrate material movements to ERP.

This differentiates from full Warehouse Management systems by excluding the extended “Intelligent” type functions like that of “Item Guided Putaway” or “Optimised scanner driven picking” to name very few.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouses tend to be large, busy and crowded and a key part of the supply chain. Warehouse Management Systems or WMS aims to control the movement and storage of materials while processing the relevant transactions and ensuring synchronicity between physical activities and ERP.

Typical transactions and similar to the above Inventory Management would be shipping, putaway and picking, while full WMS offers additional functionality such as optimizing activities by directing stock putaway and pick based on real time information.

These information types may that of the status of bin utilization, facility layout or even bulk and fine pick face management. A WMS monitors the movement progress of items through the warehouse and typically makes use of Bar-Code scanning or RFID technology. Supply Chain services is again non-product specific allowing for the provision of the right tools, process design and software’s to match your requirement.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Shop Floor Data Collection

The Supply Chain Services interpretation of Shop Floor Data Collection is for the capture of operator, machine or general job specific activities through the use of either mobile or fixed terminal technologies.

The types of information captured may be custom but typically include actual labour time taken on jobs, job quantities manufactured, scrap quantities and much more.

The result is a live fully integrated factory. Supply Chain Services as with all offered services functions as a one stop shop supplying all hardware and software technologies, as well as the process consulting and best practice system design to fit your bespoke requirement.

Extending Mobility

Extending Mobility

Monitoring and controlling your distribution and delivery networks can be a challenging task. The journey from source to destination can be fraught with issues. Proof of delivery (POD) is an absolute necessity to ensure that your processes are operating to either your set KPI’s or further customer set service level agreements.

By utilising mobile technology through the likes of tablet and or rugged handheld computers, we empower operators with all delivery information and the ability to capture delivery details live. With live integrated information we naturally gain valuable insight into all out of premises activities and in the case of deliveries, often increase the number of deliveries conducted and in so doing assist in reducing the cash to cash cycle time.

Further to (POD) functionality more and more business are looking to track and integrate the likes of service staff and the status of their tasks and or even proof of collection transactions offering our production staff visibility as to inbound raw materials.

Supply Chain Services views the Extended Mobility space as one to experience rapid growth as we try to reduce error and any slack in our supply chains and gear our businesses to compete with the best.


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